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YouTube Mobile Tests Mobile Ads

YouTube (owned by Google) has announced that they have started running a test of display ads on certain pages of their mobile site, in an effort “to learn how video viewers engage with mobile advertising.”

In a post on the googlemobile blog, YouTube says that their mobile service has become very popular, with hundreds of millions of mobile videos being watched each month.

Display Ad on YouTube Mobile (from MocoNews)

The new advertising will not only enable YouTube to learn about consumer interaction with mobile ads, it will also give the brands that are participating in the test “an additional branding tool at their disposal and the opportunity to reach the millions of people who visit YouTube every day on their phones.”

Although there are some issues that YouTube must of course keep in mind (eg don’t make the ad files too large because consumers may be paying for the bandwidth or be bandwidth capped), I think it’s a good thing that they have started to experiment.

The blog post says they are working “to deliver the kinds of ads that contribute to the user experience while making the most sense for advertisers”, and frankly I think they are one of the companies with the experience and attitude to make that happen. [MobiAdNews]

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