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Rapid Growth In Chinese Mobile Advertising

Madhouse, Inc., one of China’s largest mobile ad networks, reported that they have served over 2.3 billion mobile ad impressions in the first 6 months of 2008. This is nearly 5 times the total number of ads served in all of 2007.

Founded in 2006, Madhouse has been a leader in mobile advertising in China. They launched a contextual ad service in late 2007, and were the first company in China to provide full screen interstitial mobile ad products and mobile video ad products in the 1st half of 2008.

Today, Madhouse can serve ads to targeted audiences according to mobile user location, phone brand, model and retail price. Madhouse is also able to increase ad effectiveness by managing and optimizing the ad versions and ad frequency of marketing material shown, clicked, or downloaded to every unique mobile user.

With over 2,000 phone models available in China today, ads can also be optimized for the differing screen resolutions.

Madhouse has also been very active in the Mobile Marketing Association, and has participated in the development of the MMA Asia-Pacific Guidelines. Madhouse also sits on the MMA APAC board. [MobiAdNews]

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