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RipCode and Millennial Media to Offer Best Mobile Ad Delivery Solution

RipCode, Inc., an innovator of Internet and mobile video infrastructure solutions, and Millennial Media, Inc., the largest and fastest-growing mobile advertising company, today announced a partnership that will provide advertisers and mobile content publishers an integrated service featuring Millennial Media's ad targeting and distribution system with RipCode's on-demand video transcoding and delivery technology.

This deal will enable Millennial Media's advertiser clients to easily integrate dynamic, visually rich video into their mobile ad campaigns delivered across Millennial Media's industry-leading mobile advertising networks. RipCode clients benefit through seamless inclusion of video advertising from top brands and the best possible user experience, ensuring a profitable model for providing engaging mobile video content to consumers.

"As mobile video penetration grows, delivery of video advertising is becoming a strategic initiative for many brands as they extend their marketing efforts to mobile devices," said Eric Eller, senior vice president of products and marketing at Millennial Media. "RipCode's technology, one of the select high-performance mobile video solutions we utilize, enables our advertiser clients to create more compelling campaigns that utilize sight, sound and motion to powerfully convey the passion and excitement of their respective brands."

Customizing each advertisement to a device-optimized format becomes critical when considering the high degree of technical differentiation between device attributes including screen resolution, codec implementation, and network delivery protocols.

With RipCode, video files are optimized for delivery on-demand based on the unique capabilities of a customer's mobile handset, a critical feature for ensuring the best user experience and maximizing screen real estate for mobile advertisers. Combined with Millennial Media's intelligent ad targeting, video ads are paired with contextually relevant video content then seamlessly delivered as a single stream with no re-buffering between the ad and the requested content.

"RipCode's mobile and Internet video solutions were designed to meet the needs of today's new media customer," said RipCode CEO Brendon Mills. "As the largest and leading mobile ad network in the industry, it's a natural fit for us to partner with Millennial Media. It enables us to extend video advertising to their impressive list of mobile ad clients and help expand and enrich the monetization model for all mobile video." [FierceWireless]

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