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Forecast: Premium Mobile Downloads to Surge by 2013

By Jason Ankeny

More than 2.1 billion subscribers will purchase digital goods via mobile phone in the next five years according to a new forecast released by market analysis firm Juniper Research, which expects users who are presently aged 15 to 20 to drive the premium content surge.

Defining digital goods as mobile music, tickets, TV, user-generated content, games and related media, Juniper anticipates significant growth opportunity for m-commerce systems providers, software providers and support and consultancy services vendors, adding that operators are also poised to increase ARPU as mobile transactions become more commonplace.

Juniper expects that nearly half of all mobile subscribers will have downloaded premium content to their handsets by 2013, with the average user making at least two mobile payment transactions per month--Western Europe and the Far East/Chinese market will account for over half of total revenue from digital goods, and though most transaction sizes will remain in the $3 to $5 ballpark, Juniper believes gross transaction value grow almost sevenfold in five years. [FierceMobileContent]

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