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Can Local Web Ads Save Newspapers?

What's black, white and has red ink all over?

It has been a rough time for the newspaper industry in the US, with a series of layoffs against a backdrop of falling revenues. Consumers still read newspapers, but the rise of online news and opinion sites and blogs has given them additional reading choices.

One fresh indicator that print newspaper readers are shifting to news sites comes from the Readership Institute. Although two-thirds of Internet users surveyed in July 2008 said they still used print newspapers about as much as they did before they started visiting news sites, more than one-quarter said they were reading print less as a result, and that figure has grown during the past 5 years.

Advertisers spent about 7% less last year with newspapers, at the same time that Internet ad spending saw healthy growth, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus data released in March 2008.

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