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The UK Plugs into Web TV

Juggling broadcast, DVRs and Internet TV

As in the US, UK broadcast television is not about to lose its pivotal role in the advertising landscape. TV claimed 21.8% of a record UK ad spend in 2007.

Yet even while TV viewing time in the UK continues to grow, on-demand viewing and downloading are growing much faster. Broadband translates to TV on the Web. High-speed lines already reach a majority of homes in the UK, and Internet usership in the country will top 38 million in 2008, bringing with it a transformation of the TV landscape.

Time-shifted television is part of this transition. More than one-half of UK Internet users watched on-demand or recorded TV in April 2008, according to a Redback Networks-sponsored study conducted by YouGov.

Of the 57% who time-shifted content, about one-third watched at least three hours of on-demand TV per week. Nearly one-half of those online in the UK said they had watched video or TV on the Internet, with most using Internet-based TV services for on-demand viewing (70%).

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