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Online Ad Spending to Outpace Overall Ad Market Growth

Internet advertising continues to gain on other ad categories.

ZenithOptimedia forecasts that global Internet advertising spending will grow by 28.2% in 2007, at the same time ad spending in other media will grow by only 3.9% — in other words, online ad spending will grow seven times faster.

This disparity speaks volumes about the ongoing seismic shift in the world of advertising. However, the shift to the Internet among US marketers is even more dramatic. eMarketer's latest ad spending projections were released on Wednesday (see Internet Advertising Will Weather a Sluggish Economy). These put growth in US online ad spending at 18.9% in 2007, within an entire advertising industry set to grow by only 1.4%.

ZenithOptimedia also projects that the Internet's share of worldwide total ad spending will increase from 5.8% in 2006 to 8.6% in 2009.
The researcher's data show worldwide spending on Internet advertising exceeding the amount spent on outdoor advertising this year and surpassing even radio ad spending in 2009.

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