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Four in 10 Consumers Don't Want Mobile Ads

By Jason Ankeny

Thirty-eight percent of consumers say they don't want advertisements on their mobile phone regardless of the circumstances according to a new survey issued by market research firm Parks Associates. A quarter of respondents say they are open to mobile ads, and 37 percent of consumers are neutral. In addition, while 18 percent of subscribers say they support personally relevant ads, 39 percent are indifferent and 43 percent are not interested.

In terms of recall, 19 percent of respondents tell Parks Associates they remember viewing a mobile ad within the last 12 months. Younger users boast higher recall rates, led by 27 percent of subscribers ages 18 to 24. Forty-nine percent of consumers who recall seeing campaigns identify the ads as text message--45 percent remember ads at the top of the page, and 42 percent indicate image-based ads. Movie trailers topped the list of specific ad types users were most likely to respond to in some fashion. [FierceMobileContent]

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