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Google Debuts AdSense for iPhone and Android Apps

By Jason Ankeny

Google announced the beta launch of AdSense for Mobile Applications, promising developers the tools to earn revenue by incorporating text and image ads in their iPhone and Android apps. In its online incarnation, the AdSense program employs Google search technology to serve advertisements based on website content, the user's geographical location and related targeting factors--brands who wish to advertise with Google may enroll via the web services giant's AdWords program.

Google notes that AdSense for Mobile Applications will function much the same way, outlining developer benefits to maximize app revenues--according to Google, the program automatically displays the he highest-paying ads in each app, enabling targeting by keyword, demographics, and location. Advertisers can also directly bid for a placement within a given app. Developers may also determine the appearance and positioning of ads in their applications, as well as filter out ads they don't want to appear. Developers can apply for the beta program here.

As for marketers, Google promises the AdSense for Mobile Applications program boasts the familiar AdWords interface, goal tracking with Google Analytics and banner ad formats. Google notes that all ad placements are above the fold, guaranteeing advertisers consistent interactions with users in the apps they use each day--brands can send traffic to their mobile or web landing pages, or promote their own apps by sending clicks directly to the iTunes App Store or Android Market. [FierceMobileContent]

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