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Google Mobile App expands to Windows Mobile

  • Posted: Thursday, February 19, 2009
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By Jason Ankeny

Google announced the release of its Google Mobile App search utility for handsets powered by Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system. According to Google, the mobile app enables speedier searching on WinMo devices as well as more efficient access to Google apps from the Today screen.

In addition, the app offers search history to reduce keystrokes. The web services giant also points out that Pocket PC consumers wishing an even more accelerated search experience can add the Google Mobile App to the start menu or configure a hardware key for easier access from within any application on your phone.

"How much faster is it?" writes Google Mobile App engineer Craig Wilkinson on the Official Google Mobile Blog. "Well, our stopwatches show that Google Mobile App team members (who are mostly normal people, no superpowers were deployed during the timings) were able to get their search results for identical queries nearly 50 percent faster from Google Mobile App than from navigating to google.com in the mobile browser." [FierceMobileContent]

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