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White Paper Reveals Four Distinct Segments of Tech-Savvy Adult Consumers

  • Posted: Friday, December 12, 2008
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ABI Research conducted an online survey among 1001 tech-savvy US consumers concerning their behavior and attitudes towards the Internet, mobile phones and television. Four distinct groups emerged from the survey’s attitudinal and behavioral segmentation: Tech-Savvy/TV-Averse, Online/On-A-Budget, Wireless Women on Web and On-the-Go Gadgeteers. The findings of this revealing study are contained in a free white paper which can be downloaded from the firm’s website.

“The segmentation that emerged from this study is extremely interesting, and we’re hoping to use it in the future to understand these tech-savvy groups’ attitudes and behaviors towards purchasing new technology products and services”, says ABI Research’s Primary Research Director, Janet Wise.

ABI Research’s analysis illustrates, among other things, that:

  • Only 8% of the Tech-Savvy/TV-Averse respondents agreed that TV is an important information source. Their behavior supports this mind-set since fewer members of this group have pay TV service or DVRs when compared to other groups in the study.
  • Conversely, nearly 80% of the Online/On-A-Budget respondents agreed that TV is an important information source. This group could prove to be a promising target for telco or cable providers bundled offerings that promote cost savings.
  • 88% of the Wireless Women on Web group use their mobile phones for more than just voice calls and nearly all members of this group report that they always or nearly always have their mobile phones with them.
  • Over 60% of the On-the-Go Gadgeteers agreed that they like the status associated with owning high-end consumer electronic products. This group has many characteristics that make it an excellent target for new technology products and service purchases.

Download the white paper here: “Digital Tribes”. More information about ABI Research’s Digital Media Research Service is available on the firm’s website. [ABI Research]

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