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What’s Competing for Internet Users’ Attention?

  • Posted: Tuesday, December 23, 2008
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The answer: A lot.

Getting consumers’ undivided attention gets harder all the time. Much like drivers who listen to music, talk on the phone, apply makeup and eat at the same time, Internet users in the US conduct a wide array of activities while online.

Nearly six out of 10 respondents to a GfK Roper survey fielded in September and October 2008 said they listened to music or talked on the phone while using the Internet.

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Marketers with text-heavy online campaigns should be aware that part of their audience is already reading: 8% of respondents said they read magazines or newspapers while online, and 7% said they read books while using the Web.

Multitasking was also common among Internet users surveyed from April through June 2008 by BIGresearch and the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association. More than four out of 10 respondents said they watched TV while using the Internet, and nearly one-quarter of Internet users participated in each of reading the mail, listening to the radio and engaging in other activities while online. [eMarketer]

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