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Why CIOs Aren't on the Chrome Straight

  • Posted: Wednesday, October 08, 2008
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By Tim Ferguson

Google's recently launched web browser, Chrome, will have to overcome a number of major obstacles before it can break the business ubiquity of Internet Explorer and counter the rise of Firefox.

Chrome is the latest product in Google's reasonably successful attempt to expand into the business software and services market and it's clear that some CIOs have already had their heads turned by Chrome.

Ben Acheson, IT Manager, PADS Printing and Commercial Stationery, considers Chrome to be the "future of web browsing" and is already testing it within the business.

Acheson also praises Chrome's "fantastic new features", such as tabs operating independently, so if one crashes it doesn't take the others with it.

"Whether we like it or not, Google is the gateway to the web for most people. They also have a good track record of bundling their other products - such as the Google toolbar - in with all sorts of other software, leading to high take-up," he added.

Peter Pedersen, CTO of clothes retailer figleaves.com, is also keen on Chrome, saying tests carried out within the business have been good with Chrome proving "far more friendly on the PC memory than IE".

But it seems while a few hearts are being stolen by Chrome, most CIOs are being ruled by their head. While they can see the benefits of Chrome, many feel making it the default option for their business could be more trouble than it's worth.

As a recent CIO Jury, in which 10 out of the 12 respondents said they're not testing the Google browser, suggested the extent of Microsoft ubiquity in most organisations could be the biggest problem.

Iain Hepburn, IT Director at law firm, Clarke Willmott, said: "We use [Microsoft Office SharePoint Server] and extensive other Microsoft applications and development tools so we pretty much live in a MS world and have to use IE to get full functionality."

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