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Shaking Up Online Shopping

  • Posted: Saturday, October 04, 2008
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Would you care for tea while you browse, ma’am?

Increasingly, online consumers want more from the online shopping experience. They expect retail Websites to provide powerful search and navigation, quality product information, simple checkout and cross-channel shopping options—at a minimum.

After last year’s holiday season, two-thirds of shoppers in an Allurent survey said due to improving technology, increased advertising, widespread broadband adoption and examples set by online innovators such as Google and Facebook, their online shopping expectations had increased over the past year.

When asked to choose their favorite features (excluding price), the preferences fell into three areas: product information, Website usability and operational effectiveness.

The leading site feature chosen by 49% of respondents was clear, easy-to-access product information.

“Consumer expectations have risen in step with the development of social networks and blogs,” says Jeff Grau, senior analyst at eMarketer and author of the new report, The Customer Shopping Experience Online. “There is no question that routinely sharing product advice and customer care stories about products with a community of their peers has emboldened online shoppers.”

Retailers are listening. They genuinely want to improve their site design, provide a seamless cross-channel shopping experience and create more-personalized customer experiences.

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