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Honda Digital Ad Deluge Comes to Sony Properties

By Jason Ankeny

Automaker Honda announced it will purchase all the online and mobile advertising space offered by Sony Pictures Television for a full week, an unprecedented digital advertising deal valued at $500,000. Beginning Wednesday, Honda will promote its new 2009 Honda Fit hatchback subcompact on all of Sony's mobile, web and third-party sites in the U.S., which according to The Wall Street Journal heralds the first time an advertiser has purchased all the available ad space across a content provider's digital properties.

In addition to Sony carrier partners Sprint and AT&T, Honda ads will appear on websites featuring music videos from Sony BMG acts as well as user-generated video destination Crackle.

"The fact is, that like any part of the media landscape, it is harder and harder to break through," said Edmund Purcell, vice president and interactive management supervisor at Honda's advertising agency RPA, in a WSJ interview. "We are not just throwing up a banner that could be passed over." [FierceMobileContent]

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