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RIM Chasing Apple with "Lifestyle" Features?

BlackBerry adds MySpace, Ticketmaster and Microsoft search

In what looks like an attempt to compete toe-to-toe with Apple's iPhone, RIM announced a slew of new integrated application deals on Thursday to make its email-optimised smart phone more appealing to consumers.

Email was the killer application that catapulted RIM's BlackBerry device into near cult status in the corporate world. And now the company is trying to win the hearts and minds of consumers, not only with new phones - like the flip-style Pearl 8220, which was announced on Wednesday, or the BlackBerry Bold, which recently launched - but it's also loading BlackBerry devices with what its co-CEO Jim Balsillie called "lifestyle" applications.

On Thursday, at the CTIA autumn 2008 trade show, the company made a series of announcements about different applications it's customised for BlackBerry devices.
This is not the first time RIM has announced special relationships with specific application developers.

At last year's CTIA show, it announced it had integrated the Facebook application into its platform. Balsillie said during a keynote address on Thursday that the Facebook for RIM application, which launched about a year ago, has been downloaded 2.5 million times.
He said: "It's been the fastest take up of any application that we've ever had."

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