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Mobile Ads Might Work with Teens

Their attention has a price

Nearly one-half of teen mobile phone users in the US said they would be at least somewhat interested in accepting mobile ads, as long as they got something in return, according to a September 2008 study conducted by Harris Interactive for mobile trade group CTIA.

Harris surveyed mobile users ages 13 to 19, and found that more than one-half of respondents were not interested in mobile ads, even in exchange for some type of incentive. Incentives are likely to be part of many mobile ad campaigns, because a majority of users are opposed to mobile marketing in general.

For the past three years, Synovate has surveyed mobile phone users in the US on behalf of the Mobile Marketing Association. Each year, at least three-quarters of respondents said they were not interested in mobile marketing.

It is easy to understand why marketers want to reach US teens through their mobile phones. Multimedia Intelligence said in June 2008 that there were more than 16 million mobile teens in the US.

And a full 71% of teens ages 12 to 17 surveyed by the Pew Internet & American Life Project and the National Commission on Writing for an April 2008 report said they had mobile phones.

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