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Ralph Lauren Sizes Up Mobile Shopping

  • Posted: Monday, August 25, 2008
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By Mark Selfe

Polo is set to launch the first luxury mobile commerce website according to a press release out today. Now the company's well-heeled customers will be able to be able to get the latest fashion item just by entering a special code into their cellphone. The access codes will be posted in print ads, direct mail and instore window promotions.

As with most things mobile, the US is way behind trendy Asia and even old-fashined Europe when it comes to customers adopting some of the latest and greatest mobile technology. In Japan, it is quite common for people to buy tickets and vending machine products using their mobile phones.

The way it will work is that Polo will allow potential customers to download software to camera-phones that will enable shoppers access to a phone friendly version of their site. Then the hope is they will shop until they drop without even having to go to the store or back to the PC at home.

The launch is going to coincide with the apparel makers sponsorship of the US Open Tennis competition at Arthur Ashe stadium in Flushing Meadows, NY which kicks off on August 25.
The hope is that the high-end tech-savvy shopper can browse RL when there is a super long baseline rally and then do a little 5th Avenue shopping while being seen looking cool on their iPhone 3G, courtside. [Red Herring]

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