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The Big Picture on Small-Screen Advertising

Imagine holding all TV programming, movies and millions of user-generated videos in the palm of your hand—then add in a few spot ads.

When it comes to justifying serious investments in mobile video and television advertising, marketers are struggling.

On one hand, they cannot ignore the attraction of combining the reach of television with the targeting capabilities of mobile. But, on the other hand, consumer adoption of mobile video and television so far has been underwhelming.

"Historically, the gap between hope and reality for mobile video/television has been attributed to immature technology," says John du Pre Gauntt, senior analyst at eMarketer and author of the new report, Mobile Video and Television: Ads Wait for a Clearer Picture.

"Video content on mobile phones looked broken or washed out. Soundtracks often did not align with the moving images," explains Mr. Gauntt. "The mobile devices themselves were voracious consumers of battery life when displaying video content. And carriers were not sure how commercial video and television services would affect their mobile networks."

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