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New! Google Ad Planner Shakes Up Web Analytics

Google tosses its hat into the Web measurement ring.

Google is at it again. On June 24, the search giant unveiled its new Ad Planner service via a post on its AdWords Blog. Its latest foray into the analytics category, Ad Planner is currently in pilot form, being offered by invitation only and free for a limited time. Aimed specifically at media planners, the new service is coming directly off the heels of last week's introduction of Google Web Trends—though Web Trends is targeted toward all Internet users.

Ad Planner allows media professionals to find the Web sites an advertiser's target audience is likely to visit based on metrics such as demographics and site traffic. Ad Planner users can drill down using more specific filters such as age, gender, education and household income. The service can also give planners and advertisers information on a site's international reach and unique visitors, as well as a list of keywords that visitors used in searches.

Google, already the leader in search, is now looking to strengthen its analytics services in an effort to capture more display advertising revenues. Ad Planner will make highly coveted Web tracking data available to advertising professionals for free, essentially opening up the ivory tower to smaller advertisers and agencies. Some industry experts believe it could be a boon for small agencies, as media planners at these firms do not always have the budget for more expensive Web tracking resources.

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