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MySpace Announces Mobile Application Available Worldwide on Apple App Store

  • Posted: Sunday, July 13, 2008
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MySpace, the world's most popular social network, today announced a highly integrated, new MySpace Mobile experience customized and available via the Apple App Store. The free MySpace mobile application for the iPhone empowers users to seamlessly traverse their MySpace global network on-the-go and boasts key features including instant photo uploading from the iPhone to a MySpace profile. The new MySpace Mobile application is a deeply optimized, engaging experience designed for the portable screen of the iPhone.

"The global MySpace community will love MySpace Mobile on iPhone," said Chris DeWolfe, CEO and Co-Founder of MySpace. "With rich features such as seamless photo uploading from iPhone to your MySpace profile, the MySpace Mobile application is gorgeous and as intuitive as possible--empowering the community with complete control over their global MySpace network right from the palm of their hand.

"Mobile is a central element of MySpace's global business strategy, providing a new channel for users to connect with each other and for advertisers to target a highly engaged audience. Since its launch in October 2007, http://m.myspace.com/, MySpace's mobile website, receives more than 1.7 MM daily unique mobile visits in the United States alone.

By enabling MySpace and iPhone users with immediate access to their network, MySpace is responding to users demanding an on-the-go MySpace experience that matches their busy lifestyle. MySpace has a deep commitment to provide the MySpace global community with tools to discover, share, connect, and communicate in every way they choose, wherever they are.

"The iPhone is a natural fit for a MySpace application. There is hipness to this device that resonates with our core audience," said John Faith, general manager and vice president of mobile for MySpace. "Through our design we encapsulated the core aspects of social networking and created a natural feel for an iPhone user.

"The new MySpace Mobile for the iPhone is fully optimized for delivery of content and data to each user while preserving the aspects of the iPhone that users love. All features of the MySpace mobile application are tailored so users can simply navigate on the iPhone screen and enjoy fast access to MySpace.

The MySpace Mobile application for the iPhone brings users robust and creative features that include:Customized iPhone User InterfaceRich in functionality and design, the MySpace mobile application integrates MySpace's core social networking components with the device capabilities, resulting in an application that is natural and intuitive for iPhone users. The application harnesses the power of the touch screen by using the same touch functionality as native iPhone applications. Ease of navigation and quick access speeds make this application the best way to experience MySpace on an iPhone.

Real-time UpdatesThe MySpace application for the iPhone brings a fully immersive MySpace experience to this revolutionary handheld device, including:

  • The ability to stay connected with friends through a full messaging interface.
  • Pinch, flick and swipe your way through the MySpace navigation using standard iPhone touch support.
  • Stay in the know with real time friend, status and mood updates.
  • Camera integration and optimized photo management allowing our users to snap, sort and upload pictures anytime and anywhere.
  • A 360 degree feedback mechanism allowing users to contribute to future iterations of the product.

Available in 12 languages by the end of July 2008.Starting today, customers can download the free MySpace mobile application from Apple's App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at www.itunes.com/appstore/. The application will be immediately available worldwide in English and will be available in a total of 12 languages by the end of July 2008.

For broadcast-standard video and other multimedia files please visit www.thenewsmarket.com/myspace. [FierceWireless]

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