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Huawei 2007 Revenues up 48 Percent to $12.5B

By Sue Marek

While many infrastructure vendors are facing lean times, Chinese manufacturer Huawei seems to be blossoming. The company reported $12.56 billion in revenues in 2007, up 48 percent from 2006. Huawei's net income was $674 million in 2007, up 32 percent from 2006. The company also had an operating margin of 7 percent for a profit of $879 million.

According to Light Reading, this makes Huawei the fifth largest telecom equipment vendor in the world, after Cisco ($34.9 billion), Ericsson ($31.3 billion), Alcatel-Lucent ($27.9 billion) and Nokia Siemens ($21 billion). Huawei ranks slightly higher than Nortel, which had $10.95 billion in revenue in 2007. [FierceWireless]

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