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AdMob: Explosive Growth of iPhone Advertising

AdMob has released ad metrics for their iPhone ad network, and the numbers are looking good! Launched just one year ago, almost 250 million ads have been served, and growth is at 30% per month. This may be more evidence that an iPhone type browsing experience is what’s needed to get people onto the mobile web, leading to overall uptake in mobile advertising.

In the month of June, AdMob served 51.8 million iPhone ads, up 32 percent from the 39.1 million served in June.

The most traffic comes from the following countries (in order): United States, Philippines, United Kingdom and France.

Some of the popular features of the AdMob iPhone ad unit include a store locator integrated with Google maps, and consumer interaction options such as ‘click to call’ and ‘click to play video’.
Major advertisers that have run campaigns on the iPhone ad network include Fox, Jaguar, and Land Rover.

  • To see the Jaguar ad on the iPhone, go here.
  • To read the MobiAD write up of the Jaguar campaign, go here.
  • To see the Land Rover ad on the iPhone and read the MobiAD write up of the Land Rover campaign, go here. [MobiAdNews]

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