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Who Blogs Now?

  • Posted: Sunday, June 15, 2008
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Looking at blogger demographics

Blogging has gone mainstream. What was once a quirky hobby based on sharing intimate details with the world has morphed into something used by major corporations and media outlets.

"It seems like every company has a blog section of its own, and is also interested in what the blogosphere is saying about it," said Paul Verna, senior analyst at eMarketer. "TMZ is considered a blog, but it competes for business with People magazine and other celebrity-focused media."

As a result, figuring out exactly who blogs has become more difficult. The mainstream adoption of this activity has also brought the attention of spammers, whose spam blogs (splogs) artifically inflate the numbers. In fact, Technorati, which tracks the number of blogs, recently lowered its totals when it started excluding splogs.

However, word-of-mouth is still a powerful marketing tactic, and since influential bloggers are so effective at spreading the word about their likes and dislikes, blogger demographics continue to matter. So, excluding major businesses and splogs, who blogs now?

Although most researchers have noted a young skew to the blog audience, a BIGresearch study found that the average age of adult bloggers is actually 37.6.

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