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Online Ad Spending in Europe Maturing

  • Posted: Monday, June 09, 2008
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The UK, France and Germany still account for the bulk of spending

Online advertising spending in Europe continued double-digit growth in 2007, according to recently released data compiled by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe (IABEurope) and analyzed by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

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Online ad spending growth averaged 40% for the 16 countries covered. In comparison, online ad spending in the US grew by 26% during the same period, according to the IABEurope.

Advertisers in Europe spent €11.19 billion ($15.3 billion) online in 2007, up from €7.21 billion ($9.1 billion) in 2006. The IABEurope said that the UK, Germany and France accounted for two-thirds of all online ad spending in Europe.

The European per-person online advertising spending average was €81 ($110) in 2007. Advertisers in Norway spent the most, at €133 ($183) per person, followed by those in the UK at €121 ($166) and Denmark at €110 ($150). In the US, advertisers spent €92 ($126) per person in 2007. The IABEurope said that advertisers in more mature markets put a higher value on Internet users.

"The development of the more mature markets in Europe is a sign that they are seeing increasing amounts of investment from a wider range of advertisers than ever before," said Nicki Lynas, senior manager at PwC, in a statement.

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