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Mobile Digital Media Extends Mobile Titles to iPhone

Premier provider of mobile solutions, Mobile Digital Media (MDM), today announced it plans to bring many of its most popular software titles from the traditional mobile device and smartphone markets over to Apple's hugely popular iPhone. Moreover, MDM will forego merely porting existing product code, but rather will rewrite applications from the ground up especially for the iPhone in order to take advantage of its advanced technologies and unique capabilities to ensure the ultimate user experience.

"We're thrilled to be bringing our most popular mobile software titles to the iPhone," said Katie Phillips, CEO of Mobile Digital Media. "With the iPhone, Apple has done a fantastic job of creating a robust platform that will let our software products shine like never before, and provide customers with an absolutely superior experience."

Mobile Digital Media's first product for the iPhone will be the extremely popular Advanced Brain Trainer Deluxe, followed by Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary with Franklin Thesaurus. MDM has also slated the hugely popular Atkins Carb Counter for release on iPhone during 2008, with other major titles to follow thereafter. Pricing information will be forthcoming, as will complete release date and title availability information. Stay tuned to the Mobile Digital Media website at http://www.gomdm.com for complete details as they develop. /PR/FierceWireless

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