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Loopt Social Mapping Service Now Available on Most Popular BlackBerry Phones

Loopt, a revolutionary social-mapping and communication service, announced today that the location- based service is now available for free to BlackBerry users on the Sprint, Alltel, T-Mobile and AT&T networks. BlackBerry users can now share their location information with friends across multiple devices and carrier networks.

According to a recent report from IDC, BlackBerry handsets lead the industry in smartphone sales with 44.5% of the market, largely due to the new consumer-friendly phones they now offer like the Curve and Pearl.

"Smartphones have become increasingly popular with young consumers and we are confident that users will be delighted with the Loopt user experience on the Blackberry," said Sam Altman, CEO of Loopt. "Loopt continues to deliver on the promise of a truly interoperable and accessible location-based service available across multiple carriers and devices."

Loopt shows users where friends are located and what they are doing via detailed, interactive maps on their mobile phones. Loopt helps friends connect on the go and navigate their social lives by orienting them to people, places and events. Users can also share location updates, geo-tagged photos and comments with friends in their mobile address book or on online social networks, communities and blogs.

Loopt was designed with user privacy at its core and offers a variety of effective and intuitive privacy controls. For more information about Loopt or to download the Loopt for your Blackberry please visit www.loopt.com. Loopt for Blackberry is free to download and use. However, a data plan is required and standard data and messaging charges from your carrier may apply. [FierceWireless]

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