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Challenger Mobile and Wireless Systsems Integrator iCELL Network Annouce Partnership

  • Posted: Wednesday, June 18, 2008
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  • Author: pradhana
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CommunicAsia2008 Conference - Singapore - June 18, 2008 : Challenger Mobile, the white label Mobile VoIP Company with a unique managed service approach to helping mobile operators and service providers enter new markets and reach new audience segments, and iCELL Network, one of Singapore's pioneering Wireless ISPs and system integrators, today announced a partnership to jointly deliver end-to-end Mobile VoIP solutions throughout the Asia/Pacific region.

Today the companies announced that Challenger Mobile has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with iCELL Network. iCELL has extensive experience in integrating wireless technology and providing wireless end-to-end services, including expertise gained while building one of the world's largest and fastest mesh Wi-Fi hotzones for Wireless@SG, Singapore's award-winning public Wi-Fi network. In the MoU, the companies agree to cooperate in Mobile VoIP projects, combining iCELL's expertise in wireless and Challenger Mobile's in VoIP to deliver an end-to-end Mobile VoIP solution to mobile operators and service providers throughout the Asia/Pacific region.

Esa Pollari, Challenger Mobile's Director of Business Development, says, "VoIP is already commonly used at home, but public Wi-Fi networks haven't seen much VoIP usage because of barriers like cumbersome log-in pages, unwieldy payment schemes and privacy concerns. Wi-Fi aggregators have introduced some usability improvements, but in order to reach its full potential, Mobile VoIP requires careful network planning and optimization, which you want to leave to an expert integrator. We have found such a partner in iCELL."

iCELL's CEO Ken Chua adds, "Mobile VoIP is an exciting opportunity for the whole ICT industry. It's not so much a technical challenge, but more a question of finding the right partners. Together, Challenger Mobile and iCELL can deliver an end-to-end solution. In contrast, service providers that shop around for bits and pieces, end up playing referee to vendors who blame each other when their products don't work. Our solution is pre-integrated." /PR

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