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Advertising Standards Will Support The Growth of Mobile Advertising

As businesses begin to recognize the potential of mobile advertising, the need for specific guidelines in this area is becoming starkly apparent: standards are needed to gain the confidence of advertisers and ad agencies and to establish the mobile handset as a viable alternative media channel.

Eran Hertzmann, AVP for Mobile Advertising at Mobixell, has been a key contributor to the ad standards within the OMA and MMA working groups. Eran explains who is working on standards, what is the current status, and shares his views on why they are essential for market growth.

Why Standards?
Industry analysts estimate the growth of mobile advertising will continue to skyrocket - 2007’s advertising revenues of $2.7 billion are predicted to rise to a staggering $19.1 billion by 2012 . That said, there is a general consensus amongst industry pundits that this particular market will be made or broken within the next two years. The development of widely endorsed and accepted standards on both a technological and user-oriented level is fundamental to securing a sound basis for the future growth of the mobile advertising industry.

We need to define a common understanding of what will be delivered to users which is consistent, regardless of which operator is managing the network. It is vital that the value chain for all players involved be clearly defined and expectations and inter-relationships between players fully understood in order for the business to flow freely and the lofty ambitions for this industry be fully realized.

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