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Mobile Web 2.0 to Generate $22 Billion

Mobile Web 2.0 applications, services and advertising will generate $22.4 billion in revenues worldwide in 2013, up from $5.5 billion currently, according to Juniper Research's "Mobile Web 2.0: Leveraging Location, IM, Social Web & Search" report.

Juniper defined mobile Web 2.0 as the use of mobile handsets for social networking, creation and viewing of user-generated content, search, instant messaging, collaborative applications and location-based services.

"The phone is carried with us most of the time and contains a huge amount of personal data, making it a logical extension for the social network and a host of other collaborative Web 2.0 applications," said Ian Chard, research analyst at Juniper Research.

The research company said that mobile social networking and user-generated content alone would generate $11.2 billion in 2013, up from $1.8 billion in 2008. Service revenues were predicted to account for most mobile Web 2.0 revenues. [eMarketer]

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