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Blogs and Traditional Media

Old media adds a bit of the new

Today, there is hardly a newspaper, magazine or broadcast outlet that does not have a prominent blog destination where reporters, columnists, critics, anchors and other media personalities can supplement their day-to-day output with more informal musings.

Of the many interactive features of the top 100 newspaper and magazine Web sites in the US, reporter blogs rank near the top, as do comments on blogs, according to a study by the The Bivings Group. A full 95% of the top 100 US newspapers now offer reporter blogs (up from 80% in 2006), while 58% of the top 100 magazines provide this service.

A limited-scale Prospero Technologies study from late 2007 found that 78% of US businesses that use social media applications included blogs for their editorial staffs. This was the top-ranked category in the survey, ahead of other popular features like discussion boards, RSS feeds and customer reviews.

Although news stories have broken on blogs—notably the Rathergate scandal, which led to CBS news anchor Dan Rather’s ouster from the network in 2005—reporters use blogs less as a news platform than as a way to connect with their readers and check up on the competition.

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